Just so you know a little bit about me... My name is Angelica. I am 23. I like to think of myself an awesome person in a weird, slightly disturbed (at times), way! :) You can tell from my blog the things I am into.. which is an array of things.

Beautifully amazing art, as well as awesome, incredible and funny things are posted here. Fashion, music, tasteful nudes and people I find beautiful are featured. Enjoy.

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I love how Dublin is an old yet young city.


I love how Dublin is an old yet young city.


Illustrator & Artist:


"Black and White’








these snakes are prettier than most people

The last one looks positively chipper and glad to be alive

Shared by Galaxy Reptiles.

"Positively chipper"

“I shut down to protect myself.”

– 6 word story (m.s.)


"I am a big girl. A voluptuous, curvy, dress-wearing lesbian. I love my body; it’s the only one I’ll ever have. I eat a lot of greens and work out and drink gin martinis and put M&Ms in my froyo and sometimes I don’t do anything but watch Project Runway. I am allowed to look sexy, feel sexy, and be in love. I am worthy of all of those things, and so are you. Own your good and bad, and all the scary parts that you’ve been covering up because it is yours and no amount of judgement can tell you how to love your body. In the words of Sonya Renee, the body is not an apology. You are magic.